Digital claim management (RCC) Claims processing 4.0


Digital claim management 4.0

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The real estate industry has been the focus of our enterprise for years.
The professional processing of insurance claims – especially in areas of frequent occurrence – is our core business.The daily business of everyone involved is facilitated by streamlined and transparent processes.
RCC Real Estate Claim Control GmbH was established in 2017 as an independent service provider, to meet the complex requirements of claim settlement. This allows us to offer our clients maximum added value in claims management.

RCC employs insurance experts, legal specialists and building engineers. All coverage and liability issues are examined by these specialists. They also review the technical assessment of submitted invoices and estimates to determine whether they are reasonable, in order to create transparency with respect to damage costs. Actuarial approval of the repair work is the responsibility of RCC.

For this purpose, RCC has comprehensive settlement authorization up to the amount of € 25,000 per claim. The settlement authorization issued by well-known insurance companies allows us to conclusively assess submitted claims, to approve and pay estimates without further coordination with the insurance company.

The expedited settlement process also means a tremendous increase in efficiency. The time saved from the initial report until the final claim settlement is generally 50% compared to conventional claim processing. This makes it possible for you to carry out repairs of the rented property as quickly as possible in order to restore it to the original condition.

In addition to the claim settlement, RCC can also coordinate the claim control service of your craftsmen network, on request.All steps of the process are coordinated with you in a transparent and individual manner.We use state-of-the-art technology from Sight-Call to appraise the damage. This has proven exceptionally effective in communication with tenants, building supervisors and craftsmen at the rental location. It allows remote appraisal and settlement of claims, without having to make an appointment locally.

In the event of major damage, our building engineers coordinate all necessary appointments and meetings to ensure continuous control of the claim and coordination of repair measures by the various craftsmen and specialist companies.

All communication takes place via our electronic client portal RCC Exchange. The insurance claims are documented in a digital joint online claim file –, in real time for maximum transparency.To make the process even more efficient, we also offer the option of programming interfaces to your CRM system.


Last but not least, our clients regularly receive detailed claim reports, including all claim motions.If you so desire, we will also provide training for your property managers concerning relevant claim processes and issues.RCC is therefore the hub of the claim settlement process.

This ensures fast and customer-oriented claim service. The time for processing a reported insurance claim is reduced considerably, while increasing the satisfaction of your tenants.


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